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Accounts receivable collections do not always go as planned in the world of business, and it becomes an issue that can hinder the everyday duties of running a business, multiplying investments, and gaining new partners due to past relationships. Business owners and investors need the service that a collection agency provides when it comes to looking into the accounts of their customers. Once accounts slip into a past-due state, it brings shrinkage to the profit within a company.


We are a Nationwide Accounts Receivable Agency

Offering a variety of Accounts Receivable services, we exceed the highest standards in our professionally trained staff, data security, and provide our clients with the latest technology and excellence in customer service and communications, ensuring consumers are treated with respect and our clients receive outstanding results.

Our professional team knows a bad financial situation when they see one, and this can be a major asset for our client.

Our professional team of agents can make sure that any debt is prioritized by making a claim to the balance early on. That can be a significant advantage if the debtor does become insolvent at some point in the future.

Best of all, our collection services mean that our corporate clients can dedicate their time and energy to more critical pursuits, like business strategy. Our agents will handle the rest, and they’ll ensure that company budgets won’t be constrained due to a financially toxic previous business relationship.


We Offer a Variety of Accounts Receivable Services


Choosing the right commercial collection agency is a significant decision to make when pursuing a company for non-payment on business debt. It can be challenging for one agency to come in and try to resolve a case if an inept and incompetent agency has already become involved in the case. JGS Financial Services has the tools, experience, and tenacity to collect any commercial debt that we come across.

Retail & Service

The key to our approach is to provide a simple and open method of communication with consumers who have fallen behind on their payments. We understand that this can happen to virtually anyone, and we know how hard it can be to overcome financial struggles. This understanding helps us pursue an effective and amicable collection process that produces very real results for our retail and service clients.

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